Signs To Know If You Have Breast Cancer

Knowing your body well will help you know normal changes and changes that need medical attention. Having regular check ups gives you great protection against cancer.

The Following Are Some Symptoms of Cancer To look for:

– Unfamiliar pain in your breast or in the armpit – It's unusual in the sense that the pain is different from how you feel when you have monthly periods. Also if you feel it in one rather than both breasts. If it is not caused by hormonal changes then go to the doctor for a check up.

– A lump or a tumor in the breast or in the armpit – Sometimes is caused by hormonal changes but if it persists do not wait before it is too late. Go for screening and know the cause of swelling.

– A change in size or shape of the mature breast – If you notice any changes in a mature breast more so if it's occurring on one breast only. That is a cause for alarm to seek health professional for cancer breast examination.

– Fluid other than milk leaking from the nipple – During your menopause you may experience non-blood leakage from nipples of both breasts due to hormonal changes. But if it occurs on one breast only, then you need medical attention.

– Change in size of the nipple – When your body weight changes it is natural for the nipple to change its size too. But if it retracts in and does not return to its normal shape, seek help from your doctor for cancer manual examination. If there is a problem below the surface of the nipple then having a diagnostic mammogram or ultrasound may be the best option.

– Changes of color, shape or texture of the nipple – If you notice puckers, a rash on the nipple skin or darker skin that around the nipple. And after using some cream still does not help, then do not waste more time consult doctor when still in its curable stage.

However it is important to know that breast implants, use of antiperspirants, and wearing under wire bras do not raise your risk for breast cancer. There is also no proven evidence yet to link breast cancer and abortion.