Signs of Social Anxiety Disorder – Main Symptoms

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) limits a sufferer’s life in every way, it is often the reason why they miss out many good opportunities, it can often cause other problems like stress and depression. It is very important to start curing social anxiety as soon as possible. If you think that you may have SAD, then you can find signs of social anxiety disorder from this article.

Feeling nervous or uncomfortable in social situations is not sign of social anxiety. It usually means that you’re shy, but there is a big difference between SAD and shyness. Shyness doesn’t usually put limits to persons life, they still go out and enter social situations, but SAD sufferers tend to avoid going to public places and they avoid social situations.

One of the most common signs of social anxiety disorder is self-consciousness. Sufferers can’t relax at social situations, it feels like everybody are judging them. They have constant fear that they will do or say something wrong, and this is why they choose to avoid social situations. Also they are afraid that other people will notice that they’re nervous or see their physical symptoms, like shaky voice or blushing.

Fear of giving a public speech or presentation. This is something that many people suffer, even people without SAD, but for people with SAD it’s worse, they are worried about the presentation even if it’s days away, and in many cases they choose not to do it at all, or if they do then, if things go wrong they usually leave.

These are the most common psychological signs of social anxiety disorder. There are other symptoms as well, so if you have different symptoms then there is no need to worry.

When talking to larger audience or sometimes with just one person, SAD sufferers tend to have shaky voice and they can’t even finish a sentence before they need to take another breath. If they notice having these problems, the shaky voice usually gets worse.

Another typical sign of social anxiety is blushing, even if there is really no reason, while just talking to somebody or sitting next to somebody. Trying to hold it back usually makes it worse.

If you can relate with these signs, I highly recommend you to take action now, as it can develop if you wait and don’t do anything about it. There are many ways to cure it, like going to therapies or following a book to cure it.