Signs of Schizophrenia in Adults


Schizophrenia is a chronic mental illness that is not easily understood and because of this, there is a degree of fear from society in reaction to it. This word literally means split mind and the first recorded use of the word was in 1911 by Dr. Paul Eugen Bleuler.

There are no known medical reason as to what causes this illness, although there are risked factors associated with it. Additionally, there is no known cure nevertheless there is medication that is helpful in controlling its symptoms.

Children as well as adults can be afflicted with this illness, however the signs of Schizophrenia in adults are different from those in children.

The sooner someone with this mental disorder gets some help, the better position he/she will be in, in bringing it under control. Therefore, if you notice some or all the signs that are to follow, in a loved one, please do no hesitate to get them some help. However, do not jump to any conclusions, talk with a doctor first.


Person suffering with this disorder may have delusions about their life. They may believe that they are kings or queens and may prefer to be addressed as such.

Inappropriate Reactions

They may not respond to a situation in an appropriate way. They may laugh, when they should be crying, or cry, when they should be laughing.

Disorder Thinking

Their thought process is in disorder and when you are talking with them, what they are saying to you does not make sense.

Hallucinations and Illusions

They may see, hear, think and believe things that are real, only to them.