Signs of Relationship Stress

We are all searching for the perfect relationship.  We have ideals of what the perfect relationship should be like.  In a perfect world we would all have that.  It is unrealistic to expect that all of your relationships will be perfect.  Many relationships will contain signs of relationship stress that we may choose to ignore simply because we want the perfect relationship.  Some relationships will naturally be better than others.  Some we have to work harder at. Knowing how to identify the signs of relationship stress will help you handle your relationship problems.

Most of us would like to be in a relationship that consists of friendship, trust, understanding, caring and clear communication.  It doesn’t always work that way.  Often times our relationships are full of problems in all of these areas.  We may not address the problems right away or we choose to ignore them hoping they will go away and instead they just get worse.  Sooner or later those signs of relationship stress that we chose to ignore are so overwhelming that we feel there is now way out. 

If you are in a relationship that is less than perfect then you may be experiencing some of the following:  feeling sick, inability to concentrate, depressed, anxious, fighting about the same things repeatedly, ignoring problem situations, distance from your partner, not talking to each other, sleeplessness, mistrust, decreased sense of loyalty, decreased sense of caring, unwillingness to try, irritability, anger and resentment. 

These are all signs of relationship stress.  You might experience one, some or all of them.  If you are at the point where you are experiencing the majority of these symptoms then your relationship is likely in a lot of trouble.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship will end.  You do need to address these issues quickly in order to restore your relationship to the way it was before the problems began.  You have to change things and you can make a difference.