Signs of Menopause

Menopause is the official stage at which menses halt paving way to a transition in women where fertility and reproductive ability fades away. This physiological change is a very natural process that will affect females in different capacities and degrees. It is the process that marks the beginning of the end of menstrual cycles and it is a big change in the lives of women. Early signs of this transition will affect women who are in their late 40s and early 50s. These are the early clues that will indicate the onset.

Early signs

Depression – This will be characterised by fluctuating moods and swings of the same. It is a sign seen to be as a result of hormonal imbalance. Some hormones will boost energy while others will do the opposite. During this transition, experts have observed the hormonal imbalance as a major feature that will hint early menopause.

Hot flashes – These will be some of the key signs to observe. Experts say that adrenal glands tend to receive signals and help in releasing extra energy that may not be necessary in the body. Another reason cited for this is the imbalance of hormones that lead to increased metabolism. These flashes are known to be very uncomfortable.

Chronic fatigue – This is very common and the reasons could be related to depression that drains the body and leaves women weak. It is also thought that inadequate nutrition brought about by adapted diets to keep fit during this time by women who want to retain their youth. This fatigue will come along with general aches and pains and will vary from women to woman in severity.

Insomnia – Disturbed sleep patterns are caused by night sweats and a general feel of worry that will affect those in transition. Many often worry about this new stage that often leaves many feeling old and dreading the challenge of middle age.

Other early signs of menopause that are observed include

– water retention

– reduced virginal lubrication

– Changes in blood sugar

– Infection by yeast

– Headaches

– General disinterest in life

– Changes in monthly cycle

– Anxiety