Signs of Diabetes – Slow Healing Bruises Or Cuts

“This cut is not healing.”

“I am unable to wear shorts because of ugly cut on my calf.”

“I do not know how I got this bruise.”

“I cannot wear sleeveless shirts because of ugly bruise on arms.”

“This bruise is taking the longest healing time.”

“Finally I have understood that I should never wear shorts and sleeveless shirts in public.”

You are not alone if you make or think such sort of statements. There are many who are puzzled like you because of these cuts and bruises. At times the person is unaware of the reason of the particular cut. The thing which is known for sure is that his cuts and bruises are taking longest healing time.

Let me put something clearly on your face. It is a hard truth; these slow healing cuts and wounds are one of the signs of diabetes. If you doubt that you are diabetic then it is vital that you learn about this chronic ailment as much as you can. Ignorance is not good as far as diabetes is concerned. Let me make it more clear that slow healing cuts and wounds symptoms diabetes.

The diabetics are at an increased risk of getting a cut or wound. The good thing is that a person can avoid these cuts or speed up the recovery process of these cuts. Above all with proper knowledge a person can delay the onset of diabetes.

“I haven’t got any cut but I don’t want it to happen”

“My grandpa has cuts on his leg but he never thought that he could be diabetic.”

If ever you have made these statements then congratulations as you are at the right place.

Diabetes is a disease which is easier to prevent then to treat. Recurrent infections are common in diabetes. Treat the infection before it starts to hinder the healing process. Regular exercise also speeds up the healing process of cuts. Increased blood sugar levels are dangerous and may cause even severe infections in cuts. It is important to check the infections carefully.

“I am diabetic; is there anything that can help me?”

“I am experiencing signs of diabetes; is there any product that can help me?”