Signs of Anxiety

If you were to follow a person with anxiety problems and just keep watch of his actions, do you think you would see a difference to his actions than that of a normal person?

The short answer to this is: Yes, of course.

You will notice that a person with anxiety problems has different actions since anxiety has physical effects on him.

Most of the common sings of depressed man is a tired look, slow movements, withdrawal from a circle of friends and from his own family. He is more likely to avoid communication with other people.

Other physical signs of anxiety are paranoia, too much sleep or no sleep at all, no motivation for work, eating too much or having no appetite at all, and many more.

The more symptoms you can find the more serious problem might be. Depression and anxiety have almost the same symptoms and these two go together most of the time.

Other physical symptoms of anxiety might include: pounding heart; Sweating; Stomach upset or dizziness; Frequent urination or diarrhea; Shortness of breath; Tremors and twitches; Muscle tension ; Headaches; Fatigue; Insomnia.

Still, if you are experiencing more than few of these symptoms and you are more than sure that the medicine is not the culprit of these, be sure to consult your primary care physician. Even if you will be wrong it is a wise idea to make a checkup once a year or more frequently.
Even though symptoms of anxiety and depression can affect your life in different and many ways, please do not worry, since any of these symptoms will harm you in any other physical way, these are only reactions to the sensations that your brain created inside of you.