Signs of a Yeast Infection


There are so many signs of a yeast infection but, before you consider them, you must first know exactly what a yeast infection is. It is caused by a fungus that is referred to as Candida albicans by scientists. The infection is called candidiasis. The one celled fungus is found naturally in our skin and various other parts of the body including the gut and the vagina in women. The yeast becomes dangerous when it overgrows and this can happen because of various reasons. Some of the reasons include wearing very tight clothing. When your skin is not exposed to fresh and cool air, it is likely to encourage the development of yeast. The yeast thrushes in moist and warm areas and therefore very tight cloths will work to encourage the fungus.

Women are known to suffer from the infections more than men and therefore you are likely to find more signs of a yeast infection in them. The infection in women is facilitated by various reasons which include hormonal imbalance. Several things cause this and they are menopause, birth control pills, menstrual periods and pregnancy. When the acidity of the vagina changes, the environment is made favorable for the yeast to thrive. If you use birth control pills, you might want to consider another method which is friendlier to your body. Signs of a yeast infection will resemble signs of another disease and when you suspect to have the infection, do not treat it without confirming that you have the condition. This will help you avoid treating symptoms of another disease.

Men will get yeast infections from their sexual partners and when this happens, it is advisable to have both of them treated to avoid other infections. Other causes of these infection are the use of douches for women, chronic diseases, poor immunity, poor dietary habits and many others. The yeast infection will affect many parts of the body including the mouth, skin folds, toes, gut and the list goes on. When the yeast infection affects the mouth, it is referred to as thrush. Thrush can affect everyone including children and a white patch is a sign of a yeast infection. These patches can be very painful and those who suffer from the infection are advised not to touch the patches.

When the yeast infection occurs on the skin, you will get to experience redness and itchy episodes that never seem to go away. The skin can also become very scaly and dry. This is usually very evident in babies where their bottom develops rashes. When the infection occurs in the male organ, they will experience itching on the male organ, soreness, pain while urinating and sexual dysfunction. In women there will be a whitish discharge which can be compared to cottage cheese in color, they will experience soreness and pain during sexual intervention. There are many more signs of a yeast infection and the internet is filled with resources which you can study and gain so much.