Signs of a Sick Parakeet Revealed

If you take care of your bird long enough, chances are he’ll get sick sooner or later.  Since he will do his best to hide whatever is wrong, it’s important that you learn to recognize the signs of a sick parakeet.  This article will share a few things to look for.


One of the most common symptoms of a health condition is a change in your bird’s droppings.  It may change color, be watery, or appear looser than usual.  Also take note if you every spot seeds in the droppings.  However, a change in droppings can sometimes be attributed to a minor cause such as a change in food.


Speaking of food, one of the next common signs of a sick parakeet is a change in appetite.  You should also be aware of your keet’s eating habits.  That way, you can easily tell if it changes one day.  So, be on the lookout for excessive eating or a reduced appetite.  Birds with a reduced appetite will also start losing weight.


The appearance of your bird’s feathers can also tell you if something is wrong.  They shouldn’t be ruffled or puffed up for long periods of time.  They also shouldn’t be discolored.


The appearance of discharge can also tell you if there is something wrong with your bird.  Sick birds can sometimes produce discharge from their nostrils or eyes.  This may also be accompanied by sneezing or eye swelling.  These are usually serious symptoms that require prompt veterinary attention.


A sick parakeet may also experience difficulty breathing.  You should particularly look for rapid breathing, wheezing, or breathing through an open mouth.  Some birds will also bob their tail with each breath they take.