Signs of a Heroin Addict

It’s easier for heroin addicts to detox in the earlier stages of their addiction when the physical withdrawals aren’t as bad and the addict is less set in their ways. Experts say lengthy treatment is often needed to treat other diseases as well as provide counseling to reverse criminal behavior. If you think someone you know is using heroin or opiates then check for the possible signs below.

Possible Signs of a Heroin Addict

– Pupils of the eyes are very small in reduced lighting conditions when pupils normally dilate

– Track marks – If a person is right handed, he normally uses his right hand to inject himself in the left arm and left handed person normally injects into the right arm. As the tracks become progressively more visible, addicts will often wear long sleeves to hide the marks.

– Collapsed veins – Injecting repeatedly into the same vein over and over again will cause the vein to collapse or “blow out”. After a period of time, all veins in the arms may be blown out. At that point, the addict usually turns to veins located behind the knee or on the back of the hands.

– Increase or decrease in appetite, changes in eating habits, unexplained weight loss or gain

– Change in overall attitude / personality with no other identifiable cause

– Changes in friends, new hang-outs, avoidance of old crowd, new friends are drug users

– Change in activities, loss of interest in things that were important before

– Drop in school or work performance, skips or is late to school or work

– Changes in habits at home, loss of interest in family and family activities

– Difficulty in paying attention, forgetfulness

– Lack of motivation, energy, self-esteem, discipline

– Bored, “I don’t care” attitude

– Defensiveness, temper tantrums, resentful behavior (everything’s a hassle)

– Unexplained moodiness, irritability, or nervousness

– Violent temper or bizarre behavior

– Paranoia – heroin addiction often causes users to become suspiciousness just about everyone and everything

– Excessive need for privacy, keeps door locked or closed, won’t let people in

– Secretive or suspicious behavior

– Car accidents, fender benders, household accidents

– Chronic dishonesty

– Trouble with the police

– Unexplained need for money, can’t explain where money goes, stealing

– Change in personal grooming habits

Just because your teenager is having a temper tantrum or is lazy doesn’t mean they have to be doing heroin (There just being teenagers). This is just a list of possible signs to help identify heroin addicts.