Signs Of A Cheating Wife

What are the signs of a cheating wife? The love of your life has you worried. Perhaps you have a deep down gut feeling that reaches up and grabs you by the Adam’s apple anytime it crosses your mind while your heart squeezes tight within your chest.

However, this is not proof enough to convince you that your wife has been unfaithful, but there is something wrong, you can feel it. Nevertheless, how do you go about finding out for sure if what you feel is real. What can you put your finger on that points you the in right direction of knowing for an undeniable fact that you have a cheating wife?

Well, what has changed? Change is what you look for when trying to determine if you have a cheating wife. You watch for changes in character, habits and mannerisms. On the other hand to be quite fair you must keep in mind that any change of habits, mannerisms or character traits does not necessarily prove that your wife is cheating on you.

However, changes in these areas are most certainly some of the first places that you should begin weighing up the signs of a cheating wife. If you find yourself suspicious that your wife is cheating, you should figure in how she once was and how she now is, before you go storming in with accusations that can be damaging to your relationship if, in fact, your wife is not cheating on you.

Keep in mind also that a good wife does not turn into a cheating wife in just a few days time, this type of situation usually builds little by little. For this reason, a couple should keep the lines of communication open. Some of the areas of change to look for when determining the signs of a cheating wife might be in different areas, or in several areas. Here is a small sum of what signs of a cheating wife might leave to tell on her own self.

The cheating wife may show early signs as being more affectionate for no reason; as well a cheating wife will show signs later in an affair of wanting less affection, or not wanting anything to do with you. Becoming frigid to sexual activities or even making up excuses for not being intimate can be signs of a cheating wife.

Perhaps the cheating wife becomes more interested in trying out new or different love making positions that are not involved in discussion between the two of you, or seem uncharacteristic in nature for your wife.

Signs of a cheating wife might also include areas such as not wearing her wedding ring as often, or the lingering scent of some other type of perfume/cologne, or even smoke on her body, clothes and hair. Taking more showers or bathing more than usual in her mannerisms are clues as well.

Signs of a cheating wife might include preoccupation with the computer with an online affair. Strange telephone calls and habits, as well as emails or private messages from computer use can be subtle signs of a cheating wife. Another sign could be that she begins talking about a “certain” coworker more often.

Even a new interest in a different type of music than she is used to can be a sign of a cheating wife. Maybe she is suddenly interested in a new restaurant or nightclub. As well, a sign of a cheating wife might be to show an unusual interest in your work schedule. Even consistent daydreaming, or having a new attitude or a look of love and glowing that she has not show in a while could be signs of a cheating wife. Does she still meet you at the door after work happy to see you?

On the other hand, perhaps she has come to a point where she does not seem to care what you do or say, if so, this is disassociation and it is a big red flag that something is wrong in your relationship. Maybe she even lets you have sex with her although she herself does not ask you for sex. However, it is good to keep in mind that a woman’s hormones can also cause her to become more interested or not when it comes to sex.

It is possible that a cheating wife will show signs of infidelity by asking such questions of loving more than one person. On the other hand, signs of a cheating wife may be to become more critical or fussy about the things you do, that she has never mentioned before. Sometimes cheating wives will make accusations towards you and insinuating that you yourself have been the cheating spouse. This is generally a sign of feeling guilty. It can also be a form of paranoia – “If I am doing it and getting away with it, maybe he is also.” Her accusations also can be her way of purposely creating a fight so she can storm out of the house and leave. Another cheating wife may wait until you fall asleep to sneak out of the house.

As you can see, there are many tell-tale signs of a cheating wife, however you must keep in mind that any of the signs mentioned do not necessarily mean they are positive proof of a cheating wife. You need solid cold-hard evidence before confronting her. Without this proof, you are setting yourself up for certain