Siddha Herbal Remedies for Cough and Cold


Medicinal herbs are well known for their curative properties.  When used as prescribed they effectively cure the patients of their diseases without the dreaded side effects.  Herbs can be used for treating afflictions that manifest due to seasonal changes.  Cough and cold problems surface during the winter months.  More than half of the population are affected at any one time during those months.  There are excellent herbs that are used to treat cough and cold.  Unlike sleep inducing syrups of allopathy, herbs cure cough and cold without side effects.

Basil, adathoda zeylanica, ginger, piper longum are some of the herbs and spices used in treating cough and cold.  I will explain below briefly each of them and then describe some ways to prepare the remedies.

Basil expels phlegm from chest.  Juice obtained by crushing the basil leaves is used in treating ailments of upper respiratory tract.

Adathoda zylanica is the herb for lungs.  Most of the home remedies used in treating lung diseases contain adathoda.

Juice of ginger and honey mixed in equal quantity and taken soothes the throat.

Piper longum is an excellent expectorant.  It has a hot taste and induces heat in the body.

When kids suffer from phlegm in chest, mother’s milk and juice of basil leaves are mixed in equal quantity and given to the baby.  This is found to be very effective in bringing out the phlegm in chest.

An infusion of adathoda leaves is very effective in curing cough and cold.  Collect a few adathoda leaves, clean them and fry them with honey.  Add piper longum powder,  taxus baccata powder and licorice powder 4 gm each to these leaves.  Now add 500 ml water and let it boil and reduce to 150 ml.  Remove from heat and let it cool.  50 ml of this infusion is taken three times a day.  Prepare the infusion afresh each day.  This infusion helps in curing cough and cold..