Shyness Cure Secrets


There are drugs available in the market that offer a shyness cure or social anxiety, or social phobia relief. But some experts do not offer medication but a systematic way of dealing with things with much more courage and positive thinking than you normally have. Shyness is not a disease that requires a drug or a pill to cure it. It is not even a character defect that must be defect that needs some repairing. Trying to cope with shyness will need positive thinking.

Some people say that shy people should immediately mingle with groups of people to overcome their fear of social anxiety. This means exposing yourself in situations that you have feared your whole life. Doing this may produce complications in your psychological fear.

Social anxiety can be a big hindrance and leads to discomfort in children, or even in adults.

Treating social phobia must be gradual or rely on Systematic Desensitization. This means being exposed to your fear, little by little, and conquering it step by step. This system involves the discovery of your fear, and breaking that fear by doing activities one step at a time. This will gradually move you to an easier step, and later to the most difficult.

Listing down situations which cause your shyness or social anxiety is the first step in applying Systematic Desensitization. This list must be arranged from the less difficult on to the most difficult. In that way, you may be able to triumph over your fear little by little. It will give you a better chance of moving towards a solution to your deeper social anxiety. A simple list or an outline may give you a larger help to progress on social anxiety.

Give yourself a couple of weeks to deal with each situation in your list. Make a deliberate point everyday of getting into a situation in which you may practice a skill in your list. Trying to practice a particular skill that you have little by little everyday in a couple of weeks – this may lead you to the next step on your list and so on.

Although this technique does not work perfectly every time, since life does not place everyone in the same situation and experiences, this technique may still help you out some other time.

Here is another tip: no matter if a situation might seem difficult and more challenging, try to increase the time you have been spending in that particular situation. Increasing the difficulty means requiring more effort for you to overcome social anxiety. Try to challenge yourself and be braver. This may allow you to achieve a very smooth Systematic Desensitization.

Another shyness cure: try practicing your communication skill with your everyday store clerks who are always ready to put up a good conversation. This will help you out in almost any daily activity like buying candy, a magazine, or anything you might pick up. Making conversation does not necessarily mean it has to be a long one. You can always end up having a conversation whenever you like.

Another advantage is, you do not have to see these people again immediately, and there is no reason for you to be upset if you have said anything might be dull. Just do not try this out if there is a long line of other shoppers waiting behind you.