Shrinking Hemorrhoids – How to Treat Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are a common medical problem in many people. There are many people who have them and are not even aware that they exist. What causes people to notice them is when they become painful and itchy because they have protruded on to the external part of your body. There is no determination on how large the hemorrhoid can be. If it becomes greatly inflated due to irritation, then you could experience great pain and discomfort. To combat these symptoms, then you may need help shrinking hemorrhoids.

One of the easiest ways to help you begin the process to shrink your hemorrhoid is to apply a topical ointment. This will help to soothe the pain and any itchiness that you may be experiencing. Many topical ointments can be found as over the counter medications at your nearest drug store. However, many of these types of creams are designed to provide instant relief from a hemorrhoid, but may not treat the root cause for those people who are frequent sufferers of hemorrhoids.

If you are a frequent sufferer if hemorrhoids and you are battling a large hemorrhoid that has been inflamed, then you may have to seek a medical professional to have the hemorrhoid drained with a tube. This will help to shrink the size of the hemorrhoid so that it can heal properly while providing you less discomfort.

These procedures will help you to manage an existing hemorrhoid. However, if you get hemorrhoids quite frequently, then you may need more information on what you can do to prevent them from ever developing again.