Shower Floor Pans – The Right Way!

Shower floor pans are out of sight and not something you normally think about. But if you have a leaky shower, you may have damage to the entire area around your shower.

A handy person can replace or install a shower pan with the right instruction.

Here are the basic steps.

Repair any damage.

Usually damage will be to the sub floor in and around the shower pan. Remove rotted material and replace it.

Install drain base.

Tile floors are water-resistant but not water-proof. Mortar that’s exposed to water absorbs water. Mix the mortar properly or it will crumble and fail over time. Install the drain at this stage.

Build the sloped mortar base.

Build your floor slope in here. The slope moves all the water to the drain which prevents mold, fungus and odors. Build a roughly two inch thick base that slopes to the drain.

Install the shower floor pan liner membrane and drain top.

A flexible waterproof membrane goes above the mortar base. The membrane goes up the sides of the wall a few inches. One of the tricks is how to fold the liner in the corner.

Install the second mortar bed.

A second mortar bed is installed over the liner and reinforced with wire.

Build the curb.

Build any threshold forms and pour mortar mix to establish the correct shape.

Install tile.

After the second coat of mortar cures, install a coat of thinset. Thinset is a special mortar used to stick the tile to the base. Then install tile. Let thinset cure and then grout.

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