Shoulder Injuries on the Job

No matter what field you work in it is possible to fall victim to a workplace accident, injury or illness. While these can vary greatly in their severity and impact, one of the more serious injuries that can be experienced by an individual is a shoulder injury. Injuries to this region can be caused in a number of ways, and they have the potential to cause serious, long term damage to an individual's comfort and mobility. By knowing what injuries can affect your shoulder and by keeping some key methods for preventing these injuries in mind, you are better able to protect yourself while on the job.

Your shoulder is a very sturdy part of your body, but it is definitely capable of falling victim to injury, and when it does it is likely you will feel great pain and lose some mobility until you are fully recovered. Some of the most common injuries that can affect your shoulder include the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Injuries related to overuse
  • Shoulder strain
  • Severe stiffness in the shoulder
  • Rotator cuff tearing
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Dislocation

These common injuries can negatively impact the shoulder and cause severe pain, requiring increasing and cost recovery.

Some helpful ways to avoid falling victim to a shoulder injury include the following:

  • Use equipment only after you have had the proper training and experience.
  • Wear proper footwear in order to avoid slip, trip and fall injuries.
  • Never lift very heavy items without assistance.
  • Avoid overly repetitive motions day after day, as they can lead to overuse injuries.

Following these steps can help you avoid falling victim to a damaging and painful shoulder injury.