Should a Groom Wear Lingerie? Useful Lingerie Ideas for Honeymoon


Whether it is a sweat pant, track pants or any other casual wear that you are carrying along, this is your time to showcase your grooming skills by matching them with your innerwear. You might not need lingerie while going to bed, but you surely need one while taking her out for dinner or an evening walk. Even when you are sleeping under a coconut tree, you definitely need to have some sexy cloth under.

Lingerie is among the simple things that make your wedding complete. If you are still asking, should a groom wear lingerie, the answer is yes. Lingerie, however, is suitable for honeymoon. You might consider wearing your regular underwear during the wedding reception, but make sure to pack a few of these pieces of clothing inside your honeymoon baggage.

How to wear lingerie-advice for grooms

Choose the right type. The type of lingerie you wear should reflect your wedding theme. This means that the color should be consistent with the wider theme. You can try to vary the colors so that you have different hues of the primary color.

Consider the season of the year that you are going for the honeymoon. For instance, search for lingerie that has hearts around the waist if it is during or approaching valentine. You can also get some red lingerie for valentine’s day. During Christmas, you can get lingerie that has the holiday symbols or name branded on it.

In addition, get heavier fabrics for cold seasons and light fabrics for the hot season. The fabric choice, is however, determined by your preferred destination. Different regions have different weather patterns, and this is why you should research first before buying your honeymoon lingerie. Ensure that your lingerie is suitable for the climate of your selected honeymoon destination.

Men are not good with shopping, so make sure that you invite her to select the designs she loves. Do not bore her with dull or cold colors; you both want to go back home a happy couple.

Pack some matching robes as this is your chance to impress the bride. The color clothes you wear as you move around should match the color of your lingerie. Men are generally known to be as choosey as women when it comes to color selection, but this time you better do it right. Consider what you want your bride to wear, and steal the same idea while packing your lingerie too. This will bring a balance in your dressing and also build your relationship.

Buy something you can wear later. It is good to think about the future. People love to keep their wedding day memories alive, and one of the best ways to do this is by keeping your clothing as well as images. You might want to take photos while in your boxers and bare chest, just to impress your bride. However, ensure that the lingerie you purchase for the honeymoon can last long enough. You can buy one for each day, but when you return home, wear it only on special occasions to remind your wife about that night after your wedding.