Shingles Treatment and Causes

With shingles therapy, it is possible to treat the ailment.

Shingles or herpes zoster can be a lifetime partner once it gets into the bloodstream of a person through an infection. That is because the virus can remain hidden or dormant for the rest of the life and hit all of a sudden. Also, it has something to do with the affected person's immune system – the winner it gets, the better for the shingles. Since there is no permanent cure for shingles, shingles therapy usually relates to providing relief and treating the symptoms, particularly the pain due to the post-herpetic neuralgia that can be quite acute.

As can be imagined, the most successful shingles therapies are either over-the-counter pain- killers or treatments that are specifically formulated for nerve pain (the virus builds its nest at the nerve ends) to provide some amount of relief.

There are various forms of shingles therapy available these days. They range from narcotics to drugs to the application of Chinese herbs – they are available to provide relief to shingles and its symptoms that can range from fevers, blisters, pain and others.

Possibly the best option is to go for a herbal remedy, a natural solution that has been proved to be an effective therapy for shingles – something that has actually delivered results. But there are some home solutions as well. Here are some shingles therapies that can be practiced at home by victims of the shingles virus.

Apply ice intermittently – ten minute on, five minutes off, every few hours till the pain subsides. Alternately, soak for about an hour in water that has been heated to body temperature. Hot water may be added occasionally to maintain the temperature. This therapy offers a soothing effect on the nervous system and hence provides relief.

Apply carrot and celery juice with a tablespoonful parsley juice on the affected part. Keep it soaked for an hour and a half, occasionally pouring more juice to penetrate the epidermis. This is a topical treatment for immediate relief.

Take vitamin A twice daily for 2 weeks, reducing it to once daily for another couple of weeks. This will promote healing and boost up the immune system.
Take 1 B-complex tablets provide relief from pain in about a couple of hours.
Vitamin C supports the immune system, acting as antiviral agent.
Calcium and Magnesium in appropriate daily doses along with vitamin D assist healing and protect sensitive nerve endings.

In short, there are two main approaches for shingles therapy. The first is to treat the symptoms and cure the discomfort to give relief to the person. And the second is to enhance the functioning of the immune system to make it stronger so that the herpes zoster virus finds it more difficult to make an impact. The ideal shingles therapy should be a combination of both these.