Shingles Causes And Medication

Shingles is a patch of painful blisters that appear on one side of the body. These blisters are filled with fluid. These blisters are caused by the varicella-zoster virus, a virus from the herpes family causes chicken pox in us. Shingles may cause permanent damage to vision and hearing capability in some cases. If shingles is found near the eyes and ears it should be treated immediately.

Severe pain on the areas of the blisters is experienced by most of the people who are affected by shingles. This severe pain can be treated by gentle touch or air on the shingles. They can arrange for the gentle flow of air as a part of the shingle treatment to reduce the pain caused by shingles. Medications used in curing shingles during the initial stages of the outbreak is to reduce the pain and the impact of shingles after the rashes have gone.

Cure for Shingles

There is an ongoing debate on whether there is really a cure for shingles or not. The truth is that the term “cure” may be a little too strong to use. Experts say that there is no real absolute cure for shingles. There is however, no need to despair because they can be treated and controlled.

Medication can reduce the pain and cut the length of time that a person has shingles. Studies also show that even though there is no cure for shingles, treatment can limit a person’s chances of suffering from complications like post herpetic neuralgia and blindness.

Medication for Shingles

Anti virals cannot be seen as shingles cure because it cannot properly kill the virus. Proper medication however will step up the crusting and healing of shingles blisters by a number of days. Doctors usually prescribe anti viral medication combined with other pain relieving medications.

In order for the treatment to be effective, it must be administered as soon as the disease is detected. It is recommended that medical assistance be sought within 48-72 hours after the first signs of shingles emerge. The first signs are usually pain and some rashes.


The virus, varicella zoster, which causes shingles in adults, is actually the same virus which causes chicken pox during the childhood stage. Although one may recover from chicken pox when quite young, the virus does not always go away. It remains dormant in the body, causing no harm for years together. Once the immune system of the body weakens with age, this particular virus is sometimes triggered to reemerge. It then travels to the nerve ends causing shingles Since the virus travels to the end of the nerves, severe pain is caused in those suffering from shingles.

Some of the symptoms of shingles can sometimes imitate those of other common illnesses including, fever, headaches and stomach aches. Your doctor can devise a shingles treatment plan based on the severity of the disease. Although there are many medications available for treating shingles it is always preferable that you consult your doctor before you choose one.