Shin Pain

What are shin splints?

Shin splints are injuries on the front of the lower leg. Even though the precursor injury is not identified, shin splints appear to be a consequence of inflammation from damage on the posterior peroneal tendon and surrounding tissues within the front lower leg.

Shin splints is one of a class of injuries known as overuse injuries. This type of shin injury mostly occurs in runners or extreme walkers.

What causes it

  • Exercising on hard surfaces, such as cement
  • Exercising on uneven terrain
  • Starting a physical exercise plan after an extended lay-off time period
  • Increasing physical exercise intensity or duration too rapidly
  • Working out in broken down or ill fitted footwear
  • Too much uphill or downhill running.


  • Discomfort on the inside portion of the lower leg
  • Discomfort is frequently worse with running or different other weight bearing physical exercise
  • Discomfort heightens following running on hard surfaces
  • An aching discomfort may remain following halting exercise
  • Discomfort grows with exercise
  • Discomfort increases with running, jumping, hill climbing, or downhill running
  • Calf muscles might be tight and inflexible


If discomfort is serious or you believe a stress fracture may be present, speak to your doctor for an assessment. Following a health background and assessment, she or he might recommend x-rays to discover any kind of minute fractures within the shin.

If chronic compartment syndrome is thought to be present within the lower leg, the physician will require a pressure test of the sore muscle compartment. Anti-inflammatory medicine may be recommended, or in the situation of compartment syndrome, minimal surgical treatment might be suggested.

There is much more to shin splints than what was included in this article and if you are suffering from shin pain than it is strongly recommended that you research more about this condition and see your doctor.