Sharp Chest Pains

Chest pain is a complicated symptom that could suggest an under serious disease. The chest houses many oranges including the lungs, heart and the esophagus. These wide arrays of minor and major organs make it difficult for healthcare providers to determine the primary cause of the pain. It is always necessary to determine the undering cause of your condition and to clearly describe the characteristics and kind of pain that you experience. This will suggest some clues on finding ways on how to alleviate the pain. The rule of thumb is that when you experience severe pain, an immediate medical intervention is needed. This also holds true when the pain radiates on the different parts of your body like on the left, then you should immediately call your local emergency medical support team. It is also advised that you stay put and you should not drive as further strenuous activity or exertion could only aggravate the pain.

Pains in the chest have different characteristics. A person may experience dull or sharp pains. Based on the recent study, women are statistically low compared to men. The sensation of pain is transmitted by the complex nerves of the body. This means that the pain that a person encounters may originate from other distal organs of the body. An example would be stomach pains. Stomach pains can be transmitted by the undering nerves of the stomach to the chest. This mimics a sensation of a chest pain that originates from the heart. You need to be cautious when determining if the pain is life threatening. Heart attack is one of the most alarming pain conditions.

The condition is brought about by the accumulation of fat at the coronary arteries. The obstruction of the coronary artery lessens or even completely blocks the entry of blood supply to the muscle of the heart. An extreme pain is elicited by this condition. This condition needs urgent intervention to alleviate the pain as well as to preserve some of the healthy portion of the heart muscles. Angina is another kind of chest pain that originates from the poorly oxygenated blood that the muscle of the heart receives. It is less severe compared to heart attack but needs proper medical intervention. Pain felt in the chest that is usually encountered after having a full meal is called heart burn. This occurs because of the reflux of the excess gastric acid production of the stomach.

Pains in the chest suggests a variety of health conditions and concerns. You should always consider the advice of your trusted healthcare provider. It is always important to treat the condition urgently. These conditions give a good prognosis if a swift action and intervention is initiated. If ever you have a preexisting disease, make sure that you comply with your prescribed maintenance medications to keep you from experiencing the painful course of the disease. Always remember that an informed individual makes good decisions about his self.