Shampoo for Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss

There are many things that can cause your scalp to itch, problems can range from the hair products you use, to dry scalp to something more serious like DHT. One good thing, is that hair loss is not permanent if treated correctly, another term for this is called scalp dysesthesia. Now lets talk about some things that can cause itchy scalp or hair loss.

Itchy Scalp

Everyone has natural oils in there scalp that helps regulate it. This oil is refereed to as sebum. Sebum helps shield the hair from tip to root from harmful environment factors. At the same time it helps lock in vitamins and minerals keeping the hair healthy, think of the sebum as the hair’s umbilical cord that helps keep the hair happy and healthy. Even though sebum is good for your hair, if your body makes too much sebum it can cause major problems for your hair and scalp. Combine this with other things like hair product build up and dirt/gunk, all of this can add up to some serious problems.

Sebum Build Up Can Cause

  • Scalp Swelling and Sores
  • Itching and Flaking
  • Bacterial and Fungal Problems

Itchy scalp can also be cause by an allergic reaction to an outside factor, hair color or chemicals you use on a daily basis. Your scalp is very sensitive so it is easy to damage it, if you are not treating it properly. Over time this can lead to your hair growing slow and eventually starting to thin and fall out. If you start to get sores on your scalp that are around hair follicles, that is what is happening.

Fungus can come into play as well, fungi can live off of the oils on the scalp and show up as irritated patches of itchy skin. Another thing that can effect your scalp and skin is Psoriasis. It appears as scaly spots on the skin and scalp, that itches bad and put off big white flakes.  Finally itchy scalp can also be caused by stress. If you are under a large amount of stress and start to get flakes, that may be why.

How to Stop Hair Loss

Look for a shampoo that not only makes your hair feel good but your scalp as well. Look for a clarifying shampoo that will help regulate oil and wash away product build up, which can cause itchy scalp. Wash your hair more often so that it does not stay as oily. Look for vitamins that contain omega 6,9 and 12, these can help nourish hair and keep it healthy. If your body is low on these vitamins it will slow down hair growth. Eat healthy such as nuts and whole grains these can help boost hair as well.

Try to eat as many dark green vegetables as possible, and protein helps build strong vibrant hair as well. There are many oils which can help as well like tea tree, argan, rosemary, lavender, jojoba, emu and aloe oil can have healing and soothing properties which can help restore hairs health and keep it strong.