Sexual Problems After Stroke

A  stroke  attack can have devastating effects on a victim. It affects both partners in a relationship in most of the incidences. The effects of  stroke  are made worse by secondary illness that run concurrently.  Stroke  itself can sup any remaining sexual desire in a person. More energy and attention is directed towards a quick recovery without giving due consideration that the victim has a life after  stroke . Sex after  stroke  is badly affected by loss of sexual desire in a person. This is because the largest sex organ which is the brain, is usually affected by the disease.  Stroke  interferes with the transmission lines that send signals to the brain. The nervous system is destabilized and a breakdown of proper communication can most probably occur. These effects influence sex and intimacy to great lengths.

 Stroke  triggers a series of body reactions which directly influence the victims sexuality. A person feels less attractive after suffering from a bout of  stroke . This makes sex after  stroke  to be a real hurdle due to this newly formed mind set. It is here that sex and intimacy receives the deadliest blow. The person feels less attractive not only to everyone but most importantly to the partner. What is already internalized is hard to erase as sex and intimacy becomes the major casualty. Sometimes it makes a person to develop withdrawal symptoms when it comes to sex. Intimacy between a couple at this stage receives a fatal blow. The healthy partner becomes a pursuer while the other one withdraws from sex even more. It is a sad moment in a couples life.

Chronic aches and pains are the prerogative of a  stroke  victim. A person is plagued day in day out by bouts of endless aches and pains. No normal person can still be in the mood for sex while under this condition. A clear mind is what makes an intimacy worthwhile. A troubled mind trying to contain varying degrees of body aches and pains can hardly pay attention or concentrate on sex. Sex after  stroke  can further be killed by the fatigue that envelopes a  stroke  survivor. Fatigue erases any sexual considerations that might have been there however negligible. Fatigue is the best sex killer anywhere anytime. All these weighs very heavily on the mind of the  stroke  patient. It is the time when problems facing sex after  stroke  leads to a deep depression.

Persistent vaginal dryness is an aftermath of  stroke . It makes sexual intercourse with a partner very painful instead of being enjoyable. The vagina lacks enough lubrication hence it cannot be receptive to a penetration. It makes sex after  stroke  to lack taste and be less pleasurable. A  stroke  survivor sees no end to this suffering especially if she/he is not taken through post-stroke counseling. Erectile dysfunction is common with men who are  stroke  survivors. They find it very difficult to achieve an erection. Even if they get one, it is almost impossible to maintain it. Sex after  stroke  is influenced by many factors considering the enormity of the disease and its aftermath.