Sexual Diseases – Scabies, Trichomoniasis and Thrush

A healthy sex brings a lot of joy and gratification whereas unsafe sex with infected people brings a lot of worry and panic in life. If you have had sex with a person, make sure you and your partner are healthy and free from any infection. Safe sex is the best way to protect against sexual diseases.

Scabies, Trichomoniasis and Thrush are common sex related diseases. Here, we will discuss the causes, symptoms and treatment of scabies and trichomoniasis.

1. Scabies is caused by sexual contact with someone who is infected but this is rare. The major symptoms of scabies are itchiness, red raised bumps on the skin, particularly between fingers or under the breasts, around the wrist and on genitals or buttocks.

You can get rid of scabies by treating the whole body with a special lotion which could have been purchased from the medical stores. Some people also wash their bed sheets and towels in very hot water to avoid getting scabies again, although the risk of infection in this way is very small.

2. Trichomoniasis is caused by a tiny organism which affects the vagina and urethra. You can get this disease by having sex with someone who is infected. The symptoms of trichomoniasis in women are yellow or white discharge from the vagina which is quite smelly and itchiness in the vaginal area. Men may have no symptoms so they may not know they have got the disease. This disease can be treated by taking special tablets which you can get form your doctor.

3. Thrush can be caused by a yeast infection which you can get by having sex with someone who is infected. But you can also get thrush without sexual contact. It is caused by yeast called Candida albicans which affects the vulva and vagina in women and penis in men.

The major signs and symptoms for a woman that she has got thrush include itching around her vulva and a thick white discharge from her vagina. The vulva may also smell a little and it may hurt to pass urine. The major signs and symptoms for a man that he has got thrush include a sore and itchy penis.

Woman can treat themselves by putting a tampon dipped in plain yogurt into their vagina. If this does not work, they should see their doctor. Doctor may prescribe a cream. Men are usually given a cream.

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