Sex With an Older Woman? 3 Unusual Tips for Making Love to a Cougar


Are you in a relationship with an older woman? Is there a woman at work you find incredibly sexy, and want to get to know a bit better? What do experienced women prefer in bed? Are there things that “older” women like when it comes to sex, that younger women don’t? Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the millions of men who find older women incredibly sexy, this article was written with YOU in mind! Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

1. Sex. Cougars are far more experienced than younger women

The simple truth is, just as a function of age, older women have a lot more sexual experience. They’ve had far more time to explore, experiment and even fantasize about what they want, need and LIKE in bed. This can be a mixed blessing. Why? Some men find older women much more assertive, aggressive and even “demanding” sexually, which can be intimidating. TIP: Try to get a good idea of what she likes, wants or needs BEFORE you get into bed with her. Some “cougars” are more likely to want YOU to take the lead sexually. Others are ready to be the aggressor. This has very little to do with YOU, and much more to do with HER, and how and why her previous relationship failed, or was unsatisfactory, at least from a sexual perspective.

2. Carnal pleasure is FAR higher on her totem pole of priorities!

While many women enjoy sex for many unique reasons, an older woman, or a more experienced woman, may be far more likely to simply enjoy sex because it FEELS great! A cougar may feel a much lower need to be emotionally connected to you, or even want to see you again AFTER you are intimate. Many women over 40, for example, who often lead busy lives as professionals, moms, community leaders and otherwise, just want to let their proverbial hair down once in a while, and enjoy the physical contact and connection that sex offers. As a matter of fact, many women will say that once we hit 40, our sex drive is much more like an 18 year old man, than a younger version of ourselves! (good news for all of you who enjoy no commitment sex)!

3. Her orgasm is important! (make her climax if you want to see her again)

Cougars are going to have far lower tolerance for bad sex, or un fufilling sex. Why? The chances are, she’s had plenty of that already in the past. A woman who has come of age is going to be much more interested in her own pleasure, and yes… that DOES include an orgasm. While many younger women are far less confident when it comes to “claiming” our right to climax, a cougar is most likely, going to either have one with YOU, or move on to someone else who can offer her what she needs, wants and craves from an exciting night out with her man.