Sex Positions To Conceive

The missionary is the most popular and the simplest position. The woman lies supine while the man is on top. This is one of the best sex positions to conceive as this formation allows the sperm to set down closer to the cervix.

From behind sex position is highly recommended for women at the later stage of pregnancy. As the man enters from behind, it allows deeper thrust and deeper penetration. It permits the sperm to swim through the egg more easily by gravity.

With all the given positions, spooning is the most sensual and intimate. The subtle aura in this position increase pregnancy chances by providing both parties an emotional and physical calmness. It is important that both parties are relaxed and are in pleasure as they make love.

Soon after sexual intercourse is done, the woman should lay flat on bed with the hips being raised by a small pillow or a rolled towel. This permits the body to relax. As the woman’s body relaxes, the sperm freely swims through the vaginal walls and reaches the egg readily.

If there are recommended sex positions to conceive, there are also sex positions to avoid.

Woman on top position is not advisable since it allows sperm to leak out instead of inclining to the woman’s body.

The standing position makes the man strangle the woman across his body. No calmness at all is being provided by this. Aside from the fact that it is rough and aggressive, the principle of gravity is being deserted as the woman stays above the point of sperm ejaculation.

While the list above are said to be good sex positions to conceive, there is no guarantee that women will surely get pregnant. These surely increase the chances of conception, but they do not claim certainty. Play with the rules, abiding with the different sex positions to conceive does not hurt a finger anyway.