Sex, Drugs and Tap Water – The Dirty Truth

What does sex and drugs have to do with tap water? It shows that the perception of our water supply as being clean and safe is much farther from the truth than we think. In fact, our water supply can be downright dangerous.

The Shortcomings Municipal Water Treatment

In the past decade, studies have shown that our water supply is not as clean as you think.

The environment is heavily polluted and by extension, our water supply suffers.

Several studies have found pharmaceutical drugs in the water supply of millions of Americans. Examples of the medication found are sex hormones, antibiotics, antidepressants and cancer medication. Scientist say over the long term, drinking water contaminated with drugs can damage our health.

Bottled Water Not The Answer

Millions of consumers have turned to bottled water for its perception of safety. For the most part, bottled water is of good quality. But a study done by the NRDC revealed that 30% of the 103 bottle water brands they evaluated was of suspect quality or in many cases no different to the regular water supply. Some brands contained chemicals and microbes.

Federal and state regulations for tap water are weak and much less stringent than EPA regulations for tap water safety. Beside, bottled water can cost between 240 and 10000 times more per gallon than regular tap water. There is got to be a better solution.

What To Do Now

You can not wholly depend on the municipal water authorities to eliminate contaminants in your drinking water. And bottled water is an expensive way to get water that is not necessarily cleaner than our regular tap water.

You can give yourself and family clean and safe drinking water by acquiring a tap water filtration system which will remove the harmful contaminants that municipal water treatment missed.

Just make sure that the water filter you acquire is of quality.