Sex After Stroke

Stroke takes its victims every day. Luckily not all strokes are lethal and many people carry on with their lives after stroke. Of course their life is not the same as there are many things to cope with let alone that live after stroke requires a complete twist in lifestyle.

Many have doubts if normal activities such as their favorite foods, sports activities or even sex are appropriate after a stroke.

We have compiled a short guide for those who wonder is sex allowed after stroke.

Do not rush things.

Surely the recovery process after stroke is a long path and it might not be possible to have sex right after it. Make sure you are relaxed and take one step at a time. Do not rush things just out of desire of because you feel guilty about your partner. Make sure your partner understands the situation well and doesn’t rush you too.

A U – turn in sex positions.

In some cases of stroke part of the body remains paralyzed. Do not let this obstacle stop you. Surely you will need some time to adapt mentally that things are not the same, however your partner is still the same and you are the same so it doesn’t really matter. Look for new sex positions to cope with the disability problem. For example if one of the legs and the hands is paralyzed, try the side by side position. Make sure that the stroke victim is positioned so that the “healthy” side is uppermost.

All the uncomfortable questions…

Mane men suffered from stroke as well as their partners are worried if they will be able to have an erection after a stroke. In general – yes it is possible as the nerves and the blood supply to the penis still work well enough to give an erection. However this very much depends on the type of stroke. In some occasions the medications used after a stroke may prevent a man from having an erection. In this case he should contact his therapist and ask for different medication.

Get help.

Getting on the track after stroke is not easy. If you feel you and your partner are unable to cope with this problem alone, seek help. You can contact an association dealing with relationships between people with disabilities, your GP, relationship concealing, or even the stroke association.

Do not believe myths.

Remember – an amazing and satisfactory sex life is possible after stroke. Do not believe myths that say sex after stroke is forbidden because it may lead to another stroke or a heart attack. There’s no reason why stroke survivors can’t resume usual sexual activity as soon as they feel ready for it. Make sure you feel comfortable, take it easy and everything will be just fine.