Several Tricks on How to Stop Stuttering

Many people have suffered the consequences of stuttering, say a lost job opportunity, public humiliation, incomprehensible mass speeches, failed hosting events, and a screwed corporate meeting. Stuttering is not a disease, but rather a disorder caused by normalized speech behaviour. Hence, it can be alleviated and stopped by simply altering one’s speaking practices. It is also brought about by sudden extreme nervousness, so another trick is to keep one’s cool. There are actually many ways on how to stop stuttering, and there is good news, you can stop it without having to seek professional help. All you have to do is remember some simple tips and practice them each time you get to speak.

One, relax! Frame your mind that you would be able to do fine, that nothing bad is going to happen, and you are simply great. Relax your mind, and words are sure to come out of your mouth the easy way. Mind over matter, that is.

Two, have a trick. There are chances you would slip and be nervous at some point, and that is okay. It happens to everyone, really, and all you need to do is get back your calm. There are several tricks on how to stop stuttering, and if you find one that works well with you stick with it. Some people recite a calming speech, like a pep talk, while others count mentally. The most popular trick perhaps is breathing in and out the grand way. Take full gasps of air and release them slowly.

Three, refrain from eye contact. Many people tend to get rattled when they see the expression of the person they are talking to. Eye contact is essential, yes, but that is not as essential when you are talking to a crowd as when you are talking to only one person in particular. The hint? Fake it. Instead of looking at people’s eyes or faces, look over their heads at the back drop. It will look as though you are looking at someone in particular at the back, when you are actually looking at the back of the room or auditorium.

Last, smile! Smiling is always recommended in books on how to stop stuttering. Take note that a smile boosts up one’s confidence, and if you feel good about yourself, it is much easier to stay calm and have a positive mindset.