Sensitive Skin Types & Paraben-Free Skincare

It is frequently a challenge to see which product is best for your skin because of the large number of cosmetic products available. For those who are sensitive or allergic to ingredients commonly used by cosmetic companies, this problem is aggravated. You can avoid serious harmful reactions if you are aware of which ingredients are most problematic.

Hypoallergenic products are a good choice in protecting yourself as they do not contain ingredients found to irritate sensitive skins. These products have good availability range in creams and lotions, and are identifiable because they are labeled 'Hypoallergenic'.

A conservative called paraben is often used in products to inhibit bacteria and mold formations. Avoid these types of products. Skincare products that are paraben-free are lessothersome to a wider range of skin types. Numbers of Paraben varieties can be added to cosmetic products. These ingredients copy the female hormone estrogen, which is implicated in the forming of breast cancer. Irrespective of your own skin's sensitivity, paraben-free skincare is good advice for everyone.

Manufacturers that exclude paraben are now labeling their cosmetics 'paraben-free' to advertise this move due to adverse publicity. Choosing products has become an easier task for consumers because of this. Other nasty effects of paraben are:

  • Potential dangers to the fetus in pregnant females.
  • Sterility in males.
  • Mothers breast-feeding male children risk giving their child too much estrogen as paraben is analogous to it.

Products made with plant based ingredients are the most hypoallergenic products. Below are some added measures you can take to make sure products are safer to use:

  • Avoid: Methylparaben, propylparaben, isoparaben, and butylparaben (all parabens).
  • Go to the manufacturer's website to check it out if parabens are not mentioned on the label.
  • Question the manufacturer about their ingredients if you continue to have concerns.

A handful of responsibly minded companies who produce hypoallergenic skincare products are out there for you. These companies use less damaging preservatives and have improved packaging to make sure their products are safe to use and have a good shelf-life. If you need more information about paraben-free skincare, go to: . You will find more information about the above and other skincare topics.