Sending Flowers to the Hospital

When you can not be there in person as fast as you would like flowers are a great to tell some one you are thinking of them.

Fresh flowers can express celebration, joy, sympathy or condolences in a way that is often difficult to match with any other gift.

When sending flowers to the hospital, instead of a home or office, there a few more details to remember. Here are a few thoughts to consider when deciding on the flowers you want to send:

  • Hospitals are not always able to supply a vase so be sure what you are sending is in a vase or container (this is also easier to take home)
  • Hospitals Rooms are often stuffy and lacking in sunlight so be sure to choose an arrangement that is long lasting and easy to care for, ask your florist for advice
  • Lilies are beautiful but because of the pollen most hospitals will not allow them this also includes hybrid and oriental lilies
  • Everybody loves the smell of fresh flowers but in the hospital it can be bothersome to some patients so most hospitals have a no fragrance policy on fresh flowers
  • Balloons are always fun for celebrating a birth but latex balloons are generally not allowed in the hospital, most hospitals will allow Mylar

In addition to sending the right type and arrangement of flowers you want to make sure that you are using the right florist. Here are some questions you can ask when choosing your florist:

  • Will the florist phone the hospital to be sure the patient has not been discharged?
  • Not all patients are able to have flowers in their room. Will the florist phone the hospital to be sure that the patient is allowed to have flowers?
  • What happens if the patient is discharged before the flowers arrive? Will the florist arrange for a home delivery? Will there be an extra cost involved?
  • Does the florist know the all of the items mentioned above concerning the allowable types of flowers, balloons etc.?