Sell ​​Licensed Products

Selling licensed products is one of the mains of an online marketing business. Depending on the source and the value of a product, the cost of purchasing a license can vary strongly. It is up to the individual to decide just how much he or she she can reasonably spend on buying a license. The more valuable the product, the greater the investment but, on the plus side, the greater the potential profit. There is a saying that in business you must speculate to accumulate and that is very true when it comes to licensing.

Here is an outline plan to make money online with an apocryphal licensed DVD set.

Having purchased the Master Rights to a 12 disc set of DVDs all recorded at the same seminar and entitled: "The Tone Deaf Route to Successful Songwriting", (I did say it was apocryphal) how can we set about marketing that online to get the Best possible return? First of all I would suggest selecting 2 or 3 of the disks from the set which give between them a balanced, yet contrasting, view of the main aspects of the seminar as a whole. This might be one disc covering the use of music writing software, another on how to write lyrics and a third on how to submit your work to publishers and recording artists.

The next step is to rebrand those three discs as a set under a new catchy title. Some keyword research will help you come up with a title which makes it clear just what it is you have to offer. Try to make the title emotive. How about: "Three Steps to Songwriting Riches". (That's a bit cheesy but it will do as an example) The next step is to rebrand the appearance of the DVDs, changing the title and the artwork so the DVDs look totally different from the original discs. This can be easily achieved if you have a printer which will print "printable" DVDs in addition to its usual functions. The case labels can also be printed using free downloadable software. It is possible to produce a highly professional set of DVDs complete with cases. You have now made the product exclusively your own

The set is then promoted by whichever marketing method you prefer (perhaps for about $ 37 – $ 57). A free bonus item would be offered with the disks which could be a report on a related topic or a CD of songwriting examples. The DVD set is delivered to all customers complete with an insert into the case which promotes a backend product, ie – the other 9 discs in the set. These can be offered either as a one-off purchase (for say $ 197) or as a disc-a-month set (at $ 27 per month). Assuming that the initial set of 3 discs is of good quality, there is a good chance that the purchasers of those discs will invest in the rest of the set. That one set of discs has provided you with both a frontend and a backend product.

This is purely a mythical example which will not fit every licensed product but I think you can see the possibilities. Use your ingenuity to turn any licensed product into a highly profitable opportunity.