Secrets Of Treating A Cold Sore


It can be easy to feel like the whole world is against you when it comes to having a cold sore even though you are certainly not alone. Treating a cold sore can be relatively easy if you know the procedures to take. Again, the Internet can be such a reliable source of yours. In there you will find a variety of information that can help you out. Here are some helpful tips in treating these sores and gaining some much needed relief.

Getting to Know the Symptoms of Cold Sores

It is important that you get to associate the symptoms with the possibility of the occurrence of cold sores. Prior to their appearance, you can feel some burning and itching sensations on the area where the outbreak will surface. Other symptoms that come along with the viral infection include swollen glands, mouth sores and gum sores, fever, and unexplained fatigue. Take note that in a matter of seven up to ten days, these symptoms may alleviate but unluckily, it doesn’t mean that the virus has also disappeared.

The Modern and Conventional Ways of Treatment

There are a number of topical creams and ointments that you can use. They are mostly over the counter medicines. Another solution is the use of the anti-viral medicine like famciclovir or acyclovir. Other alternative tips on the treatment are as follows:

Take in foods which are high in lysine. One good source of which is the cheese.

Don’t touch the cold sores or else you can infect other areas of the skin.

Apply ice on the affected area. It can make the blisters smaller or obstruct them from coming out. You can also apply some hot compress to lessen the pain.

Disinfect your own toothbrush. Replace it as well after the end of the cold sore outbreak.

Use Castor Oil, Saint John’s Wart Oil, or Witch Hazel Oil.

Pump your system with vitamins C, A, B complex, zinc, and iron.

Apply the warm tea bag on the cold sores. The herbs within can shorten the length of the pain and then reduce the pain.

Use the cornstarch paste or aloe dissolved in water.

There you go with the long list of options when treating a cold sore. Either go for the modern medicine way or stick with the traditional home remedies. It’s clearly up to you. What matters is that you concert your time and effort to cure yourself before everything is too late. Never allow the cold sores to overcome you. You should learn to overcome them. After all, you have all the treatment options within your reach.