Secrets of Low Carb Dieting Part 1 – Get All the Benefits of Low Carb Dieting With No Problems

If you examine the list of possible side effects and disadvantages of low carb dieting then this may be enough from stopping you ever reducing your carbohydrates intake. However most of the issues arise when using a conventional low carbohydrate diet where you strip out all of the carbohydrates completely from your diet. (A good example of this is the Atkins Diet.). However people like bodybuilders, fitness models and many actors who are looking to get perfect bodies with very low levels do things a little differently and more importantly without the negative effects of traditional low carb diets.!

For most people who get super lean I would guess that they are controlling their carbohydrates intake but not completely cutting out carbs altogether. Now to do this and get all the benefits of low carb dieting without the side effects there are three secret techniques you can use. The first technique we are going to discuss in this article is a very simple one and is known as carbohydrate tapering.

This is the practice of basically eating the majority of your carbohydrates early in the day and fewer or none at all later in the evening.

The carbohydrate tapering technique for maximum fat loss

If you have read much about nutrition and in particular nutrition strategies for fat loss then I'm sure you have heard of eating regular meals throughout the day. Some people may advocate 5 some as many as 7 but the basically it is all about consuming food every three to four hours while you are awake.

On its own this strategy is very successful as long as you are eating within your calorie allowance. However these meals do not all have to be the same size so if you want to speed up your fat loss (who does not) then a quick and simple way to achieve this is to reduce the size of the meals later in the day.

As I mentioned before this technique is known as "calorie tapering" or "carbohydrate tapering." All this means is leaving out the starches (potatoes, pasta, bread, rice etc) in your evening and late afternoon meals, and just having your green fibrous carbohydrates, lean proteins and essential fats.

A good example of such meals would be a large green salad and chicken breast with olive oil & vinegar dressing or a piece of salmon with broccoli or asparagus.

Just by this simple method you are now shifting the rations within your diet towards less carbohydrates and higher protein that if used in conjuction with a good fat loss program of exercise can cause massive increases in your results.