Secrets in Managing Anxiety

 Anxiety  can take many forms and all of them are worrying and stressful to say the least. Coping with the unannounced  anxiety  or panic attack, constant worry and tension, social  anxiety , being plagued with irrational fears and being unable to carry out your daily routine are all part of this unpleasant syndrome. But managing  anxiety  is not as unrealistic as it sounds and recognizing that self help can work wonders is half the battle. In addition to medication, biofeedback devices are now used with great success.

Whatever treatment you choose, make sure that the side effects are not going to overwhelm you and that you regard them as an emergency measure. Anti depressants side effects can be debilitating and suicidal thoughts, weight increase and loss of libido will give you more than enough to cope with if you are prescribed medicines such as Xanax, Luvox or Zoloft. Once you are on these meds, nobody will bother about telling you about managing  anxiety . Opting for natural treatments for  anxiety  will certainly reduce greatly the risk of becoming addicted to the medicine and you will feel more like a real person again.

So what are the secrets in managing  anxiety ? The most important one is called self -help because you are taking control again and you can learn to dominate and analyze your fears. The first secret of  anxiety  management is to find WHY you are stressed and that could be due to a wide range of reasons ranging from a troubled relationship to impossible demands at work or family worries, just to name a few. It is most likely that your  anxiety  is caused by one of several of the above.

The secret to managing  anxiety  is to take control of your day and make sure that you have carved out a slot when you can relax or exercise. We know that the feel good endorphins which can determine our mood are positively affected by exercise and there is no need to take anti depressants if you have a regular exercise program. Learning to improve sleep patterns and hygiene can work wonders too. I know that when I was stressed out, an hour at the gym saved my sanity. But that meant making a conscious effort to knock off work early which was almost impossible due to the pressure I was under. I compromised by working late other days but at least I was getting the benefit of physical exercise which had a positive effect on my whole outlook. The result was that my  anxiety  was under control.

I know now that if I had realized that biofeedback devices which are drug free and non invasive were available, my whole life would have changed. These devices help you to slow down your breathing and your heart rate and you begin to relax immediately.

I know of people who had the courage to stop taking anti depressants because they could not bear the idea of living in a shadowy world where their feelings, emotions and even thought processes were numbed by the medication. Not to mention the addictive dangers. Why not try a natural herbal remedy for  anxiety  and together with the secrets of  anxiety  management that I have outlined above, you can change your life around and start living again the way you should.