Scrapbooking Clubs – To Join Or Not to Join?


Many towns and cities offer scrapbooking clubs that are either centered in scrapbook supply stores, craft stores, community centers, churches, or homes. There can be many benefits to joining one of these clubs, especially for beginning scrapbookers who are still unsure of themselves.

Some of the benefits of a scrapbooking club can include:

  • People who understand. Scrapbooking can be an exciting undertaking, but beginners are often a bit nervous and overwhelmed. There are thousands of choices for layouts and supplies, thousands of ideas that may seem better than any of yours, and on top of all that, you have elected to take responsibility for your family's most cherished memories. Being around people who have been there and stuck with it can be very reassuring; they survived it, and so can you!
  • New ideas. None of us can come up with every single idea we'll ever use. A scrapbooking club helps you get with people to share their ideas and offer a few of their own. When your lived ones look through your scrapbook, they will not know or care that you borrowed some of your ideas from a friend in your club.
  • Accountability. Scrapbooking, like any hobby, has the potential to start off with enthusiasm but fade to burn-out. A scrapbooking club can offer you some accountability, so that you know you are expected to work on your project at least once a week, or once a month, or even often your club meets. This will help you set the smooth, steady pace that allows you to get good work done and create new pages consistently.
  • Strokes. If you're not sure of your scrapbooking talents, this is the place to go to get those affirming, encouraging comments we all need from time to time. Other scrapbookers will know how great it feels to get a well-placed compliment on your work, and how much difference it can make.