Sciurphobia – Is Fear of Squirrels For Real?

Sciurophobia is just as real and just as legitimate as many other better-known phobias. Who hasn’t heard of acrophobia (fear of heights), arachnaphobia (fear of spiders), or agoraphobia (fear of leaving the house)? A fear of squirrels can present itself in many ways. Some people experience an increase in heart rate, sweating palms, rapid breathing, and knots in the stomach. These symptoms can be present in varying degrees.

One of the best ways of coping with your fear of squirrels is to know the facts.

Intelligence: Although squirrels are definitely clever and can outsmart a good deal of the repellents that we employ to rid ourselves of them, they still have pea-size brains! When they look at you with those beady little eyes, what you’re seeing isn’t an analytical or thoughtful contemplation of how to out-smart you, but simply anticipation of where the next nuts or seeds are coming from.

Capability: Squirrels are natural acrobats…they can climb, jump, tumble and run like crazy. What then can’t do is open doors, out run you, or leap from the ground to sink their teeth into your throat! (Unless, perhaps, you’re wearing a walnut and sunflower seed necklace – just kidding!)

Emotion: Sometimes squirrels appear to be like hyper-active 6-year olds. Are they really upset when you hear them scolding you from a nearby tree? Hard to say…but squirrels do care for their young, and are rather territorial. If you catch them in a trap, they definitely appear to be angry, and their tail twitches constantly. But if you think they are having evil thoughts about you and are plotting revenge because you installed a squirrel-proof bird feeder, now may be a good time to think about addressing your irrational fear.

No matter how irrational a fear may be, it’s real if it’s yours. It can help to do more research and learn about what squirrels are all about…they’re really pretty harmless and certainly don’t deserve the time and effort your fear provides them. Be sure to browse our site for more information on getting rid of squirrels, and maybe you’ll find some squirrel repellents that will free your living space of these little guys!