Sciatica Natural Treatment – Cure Your Sciatic Nerve Pain at Home With a Medicinal Oil

Are you suffering from a pain that shoots down to the leg? It is very likely that the main actor of this pain is the largest nerve in your body, the sciatic nerve! It occurs that this nerve is trapped from a herniated disc in the lower back and causes pains, burning and numbness in one of the legs or feet. You would like to know a natural way to soothe your nerve pain with curative plants. Have you ever heard about St John’s Wort herb? How St John’s wort oil can help you to get sciatic nerve pain-free?

St John’s Wort Use

Greeks in antiquity knew very well the beneficial properties of this herb (known as Hypericum Perforatum by the botanists community) to treat healing, intern infection and neuralgic disorders. However, today, in many countries, St John’s Wort is most widely used as an herbal medicine for mild depression.

Main Constituent

The active component, Hypericin has particular properties that make it an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing remedy.

Medication Instructions

Apply topically St John’s Wort oil to the skin, on the injury area, one to three times a day. Prepare yourself your medicinal oil by soaking fresh herb flowering tops in olive oil. In many countries, you can purchase it fresh or dried at any local health-food store.

For internal use, Hypericum Perforatum can interact with a lot of drugs and has many side effects too. But don’t worry, for external use, there are no risk of drug interactions! Nevertheless, avoid exposing areas of skin treated with the oil directly to sunlight, especially those with fair skin.


It is far better to relieve your sciatica pain with such natural and harmless therapeutic oil than experience side effects from powerful pain-killers. On the other hand, natural or synthetic pain-killers and anti-inflammatory drugs are not able to correct spine alignment and muscle imbalances.