Sciatic Nerve Leg Pain – Causes

The Sciatic nerve leg pain starts in the lower back and continues down through the buttocks and down the leg. Pain associated with this nerve is called Sciatica which usually refers to a bulging or herniated disc problem.

The movement of the disc can sometimes pinch or trap a nerve of the sciatic nerve which may be the result of an injury or wear and tear. Sitting for a long period of time in the incorrect posture position can over time because a disc to move due to the curve in the spine being stretched or pulled.

A common injury to cause sciatic nerve leg pain is by lifting objects in the incorrect manner, tall people seem to be more prone to this problem due to their long back this movement can put pressure on the sciatic nerve with the result of pain travelling down the leg.

When a disc loses its elasticity it can rupture and move from its normal resting position causing sever Sciatic nerve leg pain. In past years if somebody had lower back pain it was said that they put out a disc and the common place to go was a bone setter. Some of these guys were not qualified doctors but were said to have the Gift and most of them were very good at this job.

Today if a person has sciatica the tend to get treatment for the pain but may not tend to the cause of the problem in the first place. How many times were we told to sit up straight in school by the teacher, perhaps the teacher knew about back problems as well as trying to get us to pay attention?

Training in the correct lifting manner is of vital importance in the prevention of the Sciatic Nerve Leg Pain for future generations.