Schizophrenia Recovery – 5 Ways to Write Your Own Schizophrenia Experiences

Life had thought me that writing is a tremendous way to cope with schizophrenia. A blank sheet of paper can tolerate any written subject and style what so ever. The writing has the ability to help recovering from schizophrenia in an active matter. Here are 5 ways in which you can express yourself by writing your own schizophrenia thoughts, memories and experiences:

1) Writing in forums

By writing in forums, you can receive a comment very fast. It is a very useful way to receive other people's opinion without the need to expose your self too much. In order to receive the best answer from other experience sufferer or professional, you should provide the maximum information that is needed to understand your point.

2) Writing a blog

A blog is a web site that is easy to handle and to add content into. It does not have to be a journal like most people think. You can write in it on any matter or subject you like. It is also a great tool to receive comments about what you write and a much recommended tool.

3) Writing articles

An article is a tool to express your self in a professional matter. People, who write articles, are considered to be experts in their field. Therefore you can write articles almost about any thing you like. The minus about it is that the articles are not built in order to receive comments from people, except may be of the ranking grades.

4) Writing a book

The best way to express what is happening to you in your life, your experiences, your desires, emotions, feelings, and so on is by writing a book. You can let your imagination fly away and create new worlds by your writing. Publishing a book is not so simple and requires lots of motivation, self discipline and addiction to it.

5) Writing songs

By writing a song, you can express your feelings or emotions in an artistic way. You can play with words in a way that only possible when you write songs. A song is a short way of expressing and can draw attention from other people. It also a nice way to say things that you would not say them with out it.