Schizophrenia and Psychosis – 7 Differences Between Schizophrenia and Psychosis

People tend to confuse between Psychoses or what is also called a Psychotic Disorder, to Schizophrenia. In one word the schizophrenia is the disease or illness and the psychosis is the active manner of it. Here are 7 differences that will help you differentiate between psychosis and schizophrenia:

1) The active signs

When you suffer from psychosis, you have what is called active signs. Those signs are hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, hearing voices, imagining things and thoughts and so on. All of these are the active signs and reflects a psychotic disorder or psychosis. These active signs usually appear for about a maximum of 5% of your life.

2) The negative symptoms

When your psychosis is under control by anti psychotic medicines or other means, then you tend to suffer from post psychotic effects that are called the negative symptoms such as depression, lack of motivation, lack of vitality, fatigue, being closed in yourself and so on.

3) Self control

During your psychosis, your self control tends to be minimize or even not to be at all. The ability to distinguish between right and wrong and to control your movements and reactions is very low, while during the schizophrenia negative symptoms your self control is as normal people.

4) Self awareness

When going through psychosis, your self awareness tends to be minimal or even not to be down to the point that you can not distinguish if you are in some kind of psychosis or not, while during the schizophrenia negative symptoms, your self awareness is as a normal person.

5) The reality distinction

When you suffer from psychosis, you usually can not differentiate between what happens for real to what is only in your mind as a delusion or hallucinations. The ability to distinct between what is real and what is not, remains as a normal person when you suffer from the negative symptoms of the schizophrenia disorder.

6) The duration

Psychosis usually tend to stay for a short time between few days to few weeks, while the schizophrenia negative symptoms tend to stay in some level for your entire life.

7) The treatment

The best and usually the only treatment for psychosis are anti psychotic medicines, while treatment for the schizophrenia negative symptoms are more various and ranges from exercise, having a mate, having social life, having an occupation, sleeping well, keeping your hygiene, eating well and right, having a diet and so on.