Schisandra Berry and Sex Drive


Schisandra is plant indigenous to China where its berries has been used for centuries as a powerful tonic that not only helps men and women in the bedroom area, but also to calm the nerves, cleanse the liver and even contribute to overall energy levels during physical exertion.

A closer look at Schisandra…

Also spelled schizandra with a “z”, the schisandra shrub is a woody vine that can be found in gardens everywhere thanks to its hardy nature and its ease in propagation. It is native to Eastern Asia where it has been grown and used for centuries. The dried tiny red berries of the schisandra plant are known to the Chinese as wu wei zi, which translates into “five flavor fruit” referring to the berries ability to display all five of the basic flavors of salty, sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter.


The fruit of the Schisandra are known to contain lots of different types of lignans which are phytoestrogen compounds that have liver protective properties. This explains why the berry has been used to help treat various liver ailments like hepatitis and has even been used to help the liver recover from the side affect caused by medication for Alzheimer’s. Aside from these powerful lignans, these berries also contain high amounts of vitamin C and E, volatile oils, acids, and phytoesterols.

Aside from treating liver problems, schisandra berries have also been traditionally used to as a tonic to help bring about mental focus and build strength and energy. It has been shown to be a powerful adaptogen that helps the body cope in times of physical and mental stress helping to bring about clarity and concentration and help a person recover from exhaustion and fatigue.

Schisandra berries are also believed to help tone the sexual organs of both men and women helping increase the output of sexual fluids. It has traditionally been used to help increase the sexual stamina of men and encourage libido. It is also believed to help men with their performance halting premature ejaculation allowing for longer bouts of lovemaking.

Schisandra Berries and Zenerect

Given its overall adaptogenic qualities and ability to help kick sexual fluid production into action, it should come as no surprise that the makers of Zenerect have decided to include Schisandra Berries in their all natural supplement. Combined with the other natural ingredients, Schisandra can help men maintain and control their erection for longer, preventing premature ejaculation while at the same time providing them with extra energy and stamina for extended performances in the bed room. Its inclusion in the formula is one of the reasons why Zenerect is the best selling all natural male enhancement pill on the market helping men achieve long lasting erections and overcome erectile dysfunction.