Scalp sores: a clear indication of lice?


Scalp sores or bumps can be a clear indication of lice or a number of other diseases and bacterial infestations. Once you have confirmed that you do in fact have lice. Then immediate action is required. All bedding and clothing items worn in the past week or two must be bagged up and thrown out. Washing the clothes does not usually kill the lice. A home remedy that is commonly used is bleach. If the clothes o bedding is white in color then they may be able to be saved because they can be bleached.

If you have not yet confirmed that lice are the cause of your scalp sore  then it is entirely unnecessary to bag up everything and throw it away. Scalp sores may be a clear indication of lice, but there are can be many other causes for this too. The best way to actually find out definitively what the scalp sores are is to go to a physician and have them examined and tested. You should take precautions while in public or traveling to the doctor if you suspect you have lice.

The best course of action to stop the spread of lice in public or at school is to never go out in the first place, but most people’s lives can’t just stop on a dime. So if you must go out; then please where a hair cover or at least a hat to mitigate the spread of lice. Because nobody wants scalp sores and nobody wants lice.