Scalp Psoriasis – A Skin Disorder Of The Immune System Bringing Social Stigma In Its Wake

Scalp psoriasis is an embarrassing, non contagious, genetic skin disorder of the immune system. Severe psoriasis is reputed to even lead to psoriatic arthritis. Scalp psoriasis can manifest itself as mild scales or as thick plaques in severe cases. Care should be taken not to confuse Scalp psoriasis, which is exemplified by the silvery, powdery appearance of the scale with Seborrheic dermatitis, which has greasy yellow scales. The crumbly powder of Scalp psoriasis gives rise to dandruff which everyone is trying to avoid.

The advent of Scalp psoriasis is normally attributed to the hair dryers and the spurious hair supplements that we use so often. When the skin gross rapidly at a pace which is more than normal, it leads to red lesions covered by the scales and severe dandruff problems are normally associated with the onset of Scalp psoriasis. It is a cause for severe social embarrassment, although the hair camouflages the psoriasis. Ayurvedic medicine claims that immune deficiency is a main reason for psoriasis.

Loosening and removal of the scales are paramount in the treatment of Scalp psoriasis. Some recommend the use of calcipotriol lotion, but these do little but to reduce the itching that accompanies this aliment. For proper de-scaling, sporadic or more consistent use of tropical steroids is recommended, based on the severity of the manifestation.

Some of the home remedies recommended is the application of tar – based anti psoriasis shampoo where the coconut oil content also nourishes your hair. Wash your hair daily and avoid exposure to the sun. Rubbing warmed olive oil to the Scalp and letting it soak for 30 minutes before you wash it off with special shampoo is also considered a good remedy. In some cases, Scalp psoriasis is known to disappear on its own, but in other cases it has been known to persist. According to Ayurveda psoriasis can be treated with Panchakarma treatment, which in simple terms, is the detoxification of the impure ‘Doshas’ (bad features) from the body.

Some of the simple preventive measures for Scalp psoriasis include avoiding scratching the Scalp, brushing your hair regularly and cutting your hair short for facilitating the penetration of medicines.

The psychological aspects of psoriasis and the mental distress it brings to sufferers must be understood in their correct perspective. Acceptance of this condition is the first step towards coping with this disease. Often, it is the lack of good information that brings about fear and embarrassment. People who are afflicted should continue their social activities and not turn into a recluse, which can again instigate the manifestation of depression and panic. Read as much as you can about this affliction from the Internet and the other sources and also discuss frankly with friends. Finally, also get a good hair dresser who can understand your problem and serve you well.