Scalp Cysts – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

A scalp cyst is a small bump that resembles acne/pimples and is usually found in hair follicles. Scalp cysts generally disappear by themselves within a week of their appearance IF the underlying causes are nothing serious. If a scalp cyst does not disappear within a week, or if the cyst consistently reoccurs on your scalp, you will have to take measures to quickly address it. If you don’t treat it quickly enough, long-term scalp-related health complications will be inevitable.

Cysts on the scalp usually develops for a variety of reasons one of which can be the due to inadequate attention to the hygienic cleanliness of the scalp. An unclean scalp is likely to have grease and dirt on it that can block hair follicles. The thing is, if you’re not taking care of your scalp by shampooing at least once every other day, this negligence can lead to the formation of a cyst.

Another reason for the development of a scalp cyst can be due to damage to the scalp skin that occurred from excessive itching of an irritating area of the scalp. Aggressively itching an already irritated scalp is very likely to cause a bruise which will inevitably morph into infected sores if the itching isn’t stopped or the cause of the itch treated.

To address a scalp cyst problem, ask your doctor or dermatologist to prescribe you Bactericidal/Germicidal Antibiotics and a Hydrating Cleanser. There are several Bactericidal Antibiotics out there, so you need to use a specific type of them to address your scalp cyst issue. The Hydrating Cleanser is necessary for the simple fact that it ensures complete cleansing of the blocked sebaceous glands on your scalp. (Sebaceous glands are microscopic glands in the skin which secrete an oily/waxy matter, called sebum, to lubricate the skin and hair)

Be aware that an untreated cyst on the scalp can lead to hair loss so do not put off addressing it as soon as possible with the two aforementioned medicinal weapons. And when your scalp cysts have been cured, you can prevent them from recurring by being rigidly uncompromising about your scalp cleaning habits. In other words, make sure to take care of your scalp. There’s absolutely no reason for you to go days without washing your hair/scalp. No reason!