Scalp Bruising in Vacuum Extraction

When someone holds a baby, the first instruction they are given is to take care of the child's head. The correct way of holding a baby is to protect the head at all times. A newborn's head is the most sensitive part of a baby's body and it is essential to protect the head from any injuries. Head injuries can cause long term damages, both mentally and physically, for a newborn child. Thus, during childbirth every precaution must be taken to protect the child's head from any harm.

If performed incorrectly, the vacuum extraction can cause aa wide variety of injuries. Bruising of the scalp is a sign that the procedure may have harmed the baby. In the event of noticing these bruises, there should be concern that this was at the fault of the operator of the equipment.

Identifying Scalp Bruising

After a vacuum extraction it is important for the parent to closely monitor the head of their newborn child even after they are out of the hospital. Although the procedure is performed successfully during the birth, it does not mean that it did not cause other problems.

You can identify scalp bruising by closely examining the head for any discoloration. Both small and large bruises can cause the baby pain. Seeing any bruising after vacuum extraction causes a parent a high amount of concern. Understanding the events that lead up to the bruising is essential in establishing whether these injuries could have been avoided and if there is someone to blame for the injuries to your newborn child.