Scabies – What Is That?


Scabies is a disease which is quite common and can happen to anybody. This disease, scabies can spread among all people, no matter their status or race. Scabies is caused by a mite, which lives in the human skin. The female scabies usually lays the eggs in channels just underneath the skin and in a couple of days mites develop. There are different treatments for scabies, which kill the eggs as well as the adults. However, scabies can reappear if the person is exposed again to the scabies mite.

Scabies had many symptoms, some of them more obvious than others. when you have scabies you will feel a itching sensation, especially at night, red points or even blisters will appear on your skin. These are just some of the most common scabies symptoms. In adults, scabies is mostly seen around the armpits, wrists, nipples, elbows, stomach, the side of your fingers and the genital area. Children, on the other hand, are much more affected by scabies. Their whole body can be with scabies. In almost all the cases of

scabies, the patients also develop an infection, because of the scratching. If you have scabies for the first time, the itching usually begins in two weeks time. But if it is not the first time you have scabies, then the symptoms of scabies may appear as soon as five days.

Another important thing to know about scabies is how this disease is spread. The scabies mites can be passed from a person to another just by a simple touch of hand. Sexual contact can also be another form of transmitting scabies mites. The scabies mites can only live a couple of days in a household, their survival depending on temperature and humidity.

To diagnose scabies can be a very difficult job for the doctor. Almost all the scabies symptoms are similar to other medical conditions. In order to diagnose scabies, the doctor must first take some skin samples from the patient. Then the skin is analyzed at a microscope to see if there is any sign of scabies mites. Another way to diagnose scabies is to apply ink to the patient’ s skin.

The treatment for scabies is not very difficult and expensive. Scabies are treated by lotions or creams that are applied to the skin. Those ointments for scabies contain lindane or crotamiton. To buy such treatment for scabies you need a prescription from the doctor.