Sarcoidosis Diet – The Essential Natural Diet To Encourage Sarcoidosis Remission


Currently, an all natural sarcoidosis diet is showing promising results in treating this particular disabling and crippling disease. Boosting the production of self-healing chemicals and restoring the chemical imbalance within your body are vital components of the system. As well as relieving unpleasant symptoms such as tiredness, sore lungs, breathlessness and skin sores, many patients are reporting complete remission of their disease.

Your body has an awesome capacity to repair itself, regardless of whether a very severe disease like sarcoidosis strikes. Once supplied with the right foods, your own cells are able to cleanse and repair themselves and then assist you to recover your health and life. So what are the methods and foods that make up the sarcoidosis diet?

Initially, an alkalising diet consisting of copious amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables is vital. These natural foods are rich in enzymes, natural antioxidants plus roughage that cleanse and rebalance the pH within your cells. Your healing process will also be improved if you take the time to juice your fruit and vegetables.

Another important factor in the sarcoidosis diet should be to eradicate food products that produce acid, which upset normal cell function. These toxic food products are comprised of things like alcohol, coffee, additives, preservatives and chemical compounds. Foods such as sugar and processed grain contain far too much carbohydrate which can aggravate any inflammation, so should be avoided in this diet.

The effects of your sarcoidosis diet can be maximised by adding curative herbs and nutrients. Herbs such as ginger, peppermint and milk thistle are displaying encouraging remedial effects for victims of sarcoidosis. Anti-inflammatory compounds like vitamin C, fish oil and zinc have the ability to repair impaired tissues and prohibit further damage. Usefully, the groups of irregular immune cells present in sarcoidosis, known as granulomas, can be broken down by applying plant and animal sourced enzymes.

These curative foodstuffs within the sarcoidosis diet need to be at the vanguard of your battle against this malicious disease. In contrast to conventional medicines and drugs, these foods and supplements do not have uncomfortable and potentially dangerous side effects. They are also economical and easily located at your health food shop or grocer.

By knowing and understanding what food is safe for you to eat, it is highly likely that you will be able to reach a stage where you will never eat another meal that triggers your sarcoidosis again.

If you,or someone you know is battling sarcoidosis, then these foods and diet might just be the resolution you have been trying to find.