Safe Treatment For Genital Herpes – Are Over-the-Counter Drugs Safe and Effective?

Many medical experts were left dumbfounded by how covertly this HSV-2 virus, the one responsible for causing genital herpes spreads. Until now little is known why this virus cannot be cured. It is only known that this virus can be “latent” for a very long time, but what is the cause of its latency is still vague. It seems that this aspect of the virus itself is not very concerning that the trend among medical experts was to find a medicine that could cure it or at least counter its effects. 

Successful Claims 

A handful of over-the-counter medicines are already available right now in the market. Each of them claiming and trying to incorporate them-selves with the highest credit that herpes antidote has reached by now. All of them claiming to be the most successful but the question that is frequently raised towards these breakthrough medicines is that, how effective are they in combating herpes virus? And, are they safe? 

Well the most likely who can answer these questions are the ones prescribing and assessing the victims directly, the doctors, together with the firsthand accounts of those victims who had already experienced the healing power of such medicines. 

The effectiveness of a medicine is directly proportional to the tolerance or resistance of a patient towards that certain medicine prescribed to him by his physician. It also depends on the current bodily situation and the current state or extent of the damage caused by the infection, as in the case of genital herpes that the medicine would prove successful. In other words, the safeness and effectiveness of each of the over-the-counter anti-herpes drugs is very subjective. A treatment regimen intended for those herpes victims having a compromised immune system would be very dangerous or otherwise no effect at all when used to treat those with normal body conditions, and vice versa. 

Over-the-counter Safety 

As the term implies, over-the-counter drugs could be purchased even without prescription from a doctor per se. It doesn’t need any permission also from anybody that’s why any herpes victim can readily acquire his/her medicine without any restriction at all. The reason for these kinds of medicines to be unrestricted is that they all passed a minimum safety requirement, the set standard of safety for the majority of people, that’s why they were generally safe at all.   

When it comes to its effect, over-the-counter drugs for genital herpes depend on how bad the extent of the infection itself. Some infected persons naturally heal faster than others that’s why it is relative to say that safety and effectiveness of this kind of drug in relation to herpes depends greatly on the current infection state, the more early the infection is treated, the more effective and safe the medicine is.