Safe to Use Cold Sore Remedies

Many people experience the problem of having cold sores pretty often. What sucks is that their are not any type of cures that are 100% certain to be effective. Even though their are a good amount of treatments available, not all of them are trustworthy and effective.

The use of bleach as a cold sore remedy should be avoided. The reasoning for this is bleach is toxic to your body and may have negative side effects.

Do not apply ice, salt, or toothpaste onto your sore as a way of treatment. Applying ice on your skin can harm the cells and cause frost bite. Then adding the salt further harms your skin cells. Toothpaste consists of chemicals which are bad for your skin and can cause more complications.

So that you can treat a fever blister properly you need to understand that the root cause of it is a virus. The very best types of treatment are those that are proven to do well against viruses.

Cat's claw, lemon balm, and peppermint are a few organic cures that are recognized to do well in fighting viruses. For prevention you need to add some of these herbs to your regular diet. These herbs not just treat fever blisters but other medical issues as well. What I like best about these remedies is that they are natural and safe for your health.

The proper way of taking in these natural anti-viral remedies is to use them as part of a tea. However, for individuals who do not desire to drink tea it can also be purchased in capsule form. To eliminate your cold sore please take a few capsules a day every day until the they are gone.

There are a number of other benefits by utilizing these remedies. Peppermint is known to do wonders for your gastrointestinal system. The lemon balm is renowned for its relaxing effect and those that use it tend to sleep better. Finally, cat's claw has amazing body's immune system strengthening effects.

You are prepared to battle the herpes simplex virus and get rid of the cold sore with these herbal cures which have been recommended. The benefits do not end here, if you begin to use them the minute you are feeling that the cold sore is establishing, the cold sore will not grow to its full strength and will go away without creating a lot of fuss and irritation.